Ski School Levels/Categories


From January 2018, courses for children and teenagers will follow the Swiss Snow League standard courses.


The level description states  the goal of the course (i.e. what will be learned). The entry criteria for any given level is given by the description of the preceding level.

In any case, if you still are not sure about your level, a technical split is done on the first day and level upgrades/downgrades may be made accordingly.

Skiing adults

 A Absolute Beginners Absolute Beginners
 B Beginners 
 Skiing on easy blue runs with snow plough
 C  Advanced Beginners Skiing on red runs with basic parallel turns
 D Intermediates Skiing on red runs, beginners black runs
 E Advanced Intermediates Intermediate Black-Run, intermediate off-piste
 F Experts Advanced Black-Run, advanced off-piste
 X Extreme / Off Piste  Expert level black run, expert level off-piste

Snowboarding adults

 SBAA Absolute Beginners Absolute Beginners
 SBAB Beginners 
 Skidded turns on easy blue run
 SBAC  Advanced Beginners Steered turns on easy red run
 SBAD Intermediates/Advanced Carved turns on red run
 SBAX Extreme / Off Piste Black runs, able to tackle off-piste / Bumps and deep snow

Skiing children 4 - 12 years (SWISS SNOW LEAGUE)

 Level 1 SNOWGARDEN (SWISS SNOW KIDS' VILLAGE)  Getting to know the skis and the snow, first changes of direction
 Turning snowplough (wedge turns), skiing with steps and tricks
 Snowplough turns (wedge christie), traversing and tricks
 Level 2 BLUE STAR Snowplough turns (wedge christie), skiing switch with skis in a V shape with changes of direction.
 Level 3 RED PRINCE/PRINCESS Skidded parallel turns, waltzing
 Level 4 RED KING/QUEEN Parallel turns with various radii, basic air
 Level 4 RED STAR  Short turns, skidded parallel turns backwards (switch)
 Level 5 BLACK PRINCE/PRINCESS Carved parallel turns and jumps

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Snowboarding children 8 - 12 years (SWISS SNOW LEAGUE)

 Level 1 SNOWGARDEN  Getting used to the snowboard and edging on the training 
 Sliding turns and using the T-bar lift
 Turns using rotation techniques and easy tricks
 Level 2 BLUE STAR Riding switch and first basic tricks in the snowpark
 Level 3 RED PRINCE/PRINCESS Turns using stretching and bending techniques, ollie / n'ollie and 180° on the slope
 Level 4 RED KING/QUEEN Nose and tail turns, sliding over rails, short turns, turns with flexing movement
 Level 4 RED STAR  Boarding on unprepared terrain, frontside noseturn, backside boardslide and straight air

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Skiing and snowboarding teenagers 12-18

 Swiss Snow Academy SKIING  Freestyle - Freeride - Race, upon current conditions, decision about the programme every specific day, entry level black prince/princess passed. 
 Swiss Snow Academy SNOWBOARDING 
 Slope - Park - Freeride, upon current conditions, decision about the programme every specific day, entry level red star passed