The Committee

The ISCZ consists of executive and non-executive members. As well as fulfilling their particular role, an executive member has the additional responsibility of making decisions on behalf of the members as part of an executive.The current positions encompass the following


President: Yelena Rusch
Responsible for coordinating the committee; chair of the Executive Committee

Treasurer: Chiara Diana
Responsible for the management of the club's finances

Secretary: Steve Patrick
Administrating the day-to-day activities of the organization.

Ski & Snowboard School Coordinator: Yelena Rusch
Coordinates club ski and snowboard school

Communications Manager: Manus McAuley, Neil Swingler
Responsible for the club's website, email and facebook.

Online Registration Manager: Neil Swingler
Development and support of the ISCZ online registration and payment system

Assistant Online Registration Manager: Manus McAuley
Support the Online Registration Manager


Auditor: Brian Sparks
Responsible for the auditing of the club's books.