2017 minutes

Minutes of the 32nd Annual General Meeting of the

International Ski Club of Zürich

Held at Swissotel, Zürich on Wednesday, 22nd November 2017

    1. Welcome and Introduction

The President opened the meeting at 19.10. She welcomed the members present and introduced the Committee (see later for complete list).

    1. Minutes of the Previous AGM

The minutes of the 31th AGM were tabled and approved.

    1. President’s Report

The President presented an overview of the previous season’s events:

    • It was the 8th year of online registration for January ski school and this process as well as the lessons themselves were a success. The Aperos organised after the school were well attended and appreciated by members and ski instructors alike. The opening weekend Aperos were particularly successful and will be continued in 2018.

    • The fondue evening at Felsenegg in December 2017.

    • March ski school.

    • Davos weekend in April 2017.

    1. Financial Report

The Auditor’s report and 2017 budget were presented and explained by the Treasurer. Brian Sparks audited the accounts as in previous years. Next year’s budget was discussed by The Treasurer, copies were tabled at the meeting. This was approved.

The proposal for FY17 is to reduce the cash reserve on the basis the organisation is not-for-profit.

1st May to 30th April accounting year

    1. Year ahead

As in the prior year, the online registration for the ski school will continue. An Apero has been organised immediately following the AGM to address questions people might have about the ski school, with representatives from the ski school present (Vali and Joshua).

Expected events for this year are:

    • Fondue – 30th November 2017 – Felsenegg.

    • January ski school – with Aperos expected on the first Saturday & Sunday.

    • March ski school – Registration will open in February 2018.

    • Annual Davos visit – March/April 2018.

    • Summer apero(s) – date(s) to be confirmed.

Anyone who is a member of the club is welcome to organize an event with the approval of the committee. All input is welcome though there is a minimum requirement of 10 people per event. There has been some interest shown by the members in an avalanche course which will be followed up by the committee.

    1. Reappointment of auditor

    2. Brian Sparks was reappointed as auditor.

    3. Committee re-election:

Yelena Rusch President

Chiara Diana Treasurer

Steve Patrick Secretary

Neil Swingler Web Master

Manus McAuley Communications Manager

Full details of the roles are available on the website.

    1. Other Business

No other business, AGM closed at 19.35 and was followed by an information session with Q&A