Event Organization

Not only committee members can organize events. In recent years, there has been a trend towards additional events being organized by members. The club is able to publish and financially sponsor such events. In order to improve the process the following summarizes what is required:

1. The club can sponsor an event, if the event attracts at least five members. Non-members are welcome, but are unable to take advantage of the club's sponsorship. An event can receive sponsorship of up to 25 SFr per participant, and up to a total of 500 SFr.

2. Discuss your event idea with one of the Executive Committee members. On the day or weekend of the event, you must be available to lead it.

3. If the event is approved, then send details of the event to the Communications Manager via the email address isczevent@gmail.com. Details of the event should cover the following:

    • a. Date and Time

    • b. Event description

    • c. Organizer

    • d. Location

    • e. Registration details (registration can take a number of forms including the club’s email address iscz@yahoo.com, the organizer's email address or organizer's telephone number)

    • f. Details of financing (including club sponsorship, and any additional cost to the member)

4. Manage the event, via your chosen form of communication.